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March 4, 2005 - NBC17 - Famous Durham Chef Moves Into Homes - View Video
Pop's, Nana's Founder Prepares Meals For Busy Clients

DURHAM, N.C. -- A star chef from Durham -- spotlighted in several national publications -- has given up the restaurant business. Her new job is in your kitchen.

Maggie Radzwiller opened Pop's in downtown Durham. She also managed Nana's a few minutes away and the Rainbow Room in New York. She's been featured in the New York Times, USA Today, Esquire and Southern Living

But, after 20 years of urging people to eat out, she now wants to help them eat meals at home. She recently started a personal chef service called Comfort Cuisine.

"I'm just passionate about cooking great food and having people be able to spend more time with each other," Radzwiller told NBC 17.

Radzwiller's jumped from the sizzle of celebrity to a cool new job changing people like Ginny Klarman's lives.

Klarman works long hours for the state government.

"I think I'm like anybody else in that I get up in the morning, I'm rushing to get out the door to work and ... 'Oops, I forgot to thaw out the chicken for tonight's dinner,'" Klarman said. "So, then it's 'Okay, I'll just call for pizza.'"

Not tonight -- across town Radzwiller's cooking Klarman's dinner: Swordfish Milanese with bread crumbs loaded with lemon zest ... and it's free of carbs. For lunch, it's an asparagus and goat cheese quiche.

Klarman actually lost three pounds in the first week of eating Radzwiller's meals. She admits she could cook health meals herself rather than pay Radzwiller $50 a day.

"But they certainly wouldn't taste as good. You know, there'd be things like cottage cheese and fruit and when you get bored with that, what do you do?" Klarman said. "Go for something that has a lot of flavor, like pizza."

Some of Radzwiller's clients use the extra time to go to the gym, play with their children or get a massage after work.

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